5 Things I Have Learnt from Scott Gould

Team Aaron+Gould

Having got the office bromance stuff out the way in my last post – I just want to briefly mention 5 enduring lessons I have learnt or had reaffirmed from my time working at with Scott Gould at his Aaron+Gould Social Media Consultancy, Exeter.

  • 1. Give it all to God.

I discovered very early on that Scott is a prayer warrior. He absolutely saturates his working day with Christ so that his daily successes are met with thanksgiving and his daily failures are met with even more prayer. Some people have Financial Advisors, Scott seeks counsel from the Almighty.

I was hugely impressed to see that on Scott’s shelves there are Mark Driscoll books being propped up by Seth Godin books. Much like Paul Morrish, Scott is another man who operates on a Luke 19 remit – God has given him the talents, now he is using it to build the Kingdom.

  • 2. Treat people with respect and they will respect you

Courtesy and empathy are two leadership attributes I saw Scott exercise by the bucket-load. The run up to the #Likeminds Helsinki Conversation was clearly a stressful period for the office and even though it looked like it was taking it’s toll on Scott, he never once allowed the pressure to affect his professionalism. Furthermore, Scott never used his interns’ comparative inexperience as a reason to talk down to us.

From prospective clients to established business partners to lowly interns – Scott treated us with an equal amount of love, respect and diligence.

  • 3. Empower your staff and they will empower you.

Scott spends a lot of time mentoring and encouraging the people who work for him, both one-to-one and corporately. It came as no surprise to me that he bases his leadership and management style on models of church discipleship. I was especially touched by an e-mail he sent us all in which he affirmed his commitment to our individual success. By making us feel valued, Scott created an environment in which we were empowered and motivated to work for the good of the company, not just ourselves.

  • 4. Social Media – It’s not about technology, it’s all about people.

Twitter, Facebook, metrics, ROI, API, open-source, New Media, CSS, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck blah blah blah. These are all obfuscating buzzwords that hide the sheer simplicity of SM:

Social Media = (people + online interaction) =  relationship. Simples.

  • 5. Business should be fun.

This of course is dependent on your Boss and your work-colleagues. Fortunately, at Aaron+Gould both variables were suitably stacked in my favour. Whether it was being in meetings orchestrated to the Terminator 2 theme tune or having to sit through Scott’s fourteenth rendition of Will Ferrell’s ‘Angry Boss’ routine, Aaron+Gould showed me that entering the workplace doesn’t mean you leave your sense of humour at the door. Added bonus: Sharing the office with the Women In Touch girls – LEGENDS.

The W.I.T girls auditioning for Hollyoaks

In truth, I have learnt SO much more than these 5 things but these were the first that came to mind.

To see who Scott learnt from, please go here.


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6 Responses to 5 Things I Have Learnt from Scott Gould

  1. Well done, Jonathan. Scott’s such a generous man, it can’t have been easy narrowing your list down to five things.

    I’m curious, in your opinion, what could Scott do even better?

    Best to you, Robin 🙂

    • jonathanrose says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Robin!

      Although – not being a business-owner myself – I may not be best-placed to comment, I suggest *tentatively* that Scott could improve either:

      a) His efficiency

      or b) Delegation skills

      Scott works incredibly long hours (unsuprising as Social Media happens 24/7) and does a lot of work outside of his business and I imagine unless he starts to allow others to shoulder more of the workload @ Aaron+Gould, he might be in danger of burnout.

      I suspect this is something Scott appreciates himself as he did say to us that he was sorry he hadn’t been able to spend as much time talking and hearing from his staff as he would have liked.

      Perhaps he needs to reevaluate his GTD system!:


      Otherwise Mr Gould seems to run a tight ship!

      Thanks again for the comment Robin – it’s good to see your participating frequently on Scott’s blog, continually formalizing and clarifying his (and others’) thoughts!


  2. Scott Gould says:

    Jonny my friend

    It blesses my heart to read this.

    Not only am I deeply humbled and honoured by your words, as well as thrilled that you learned thing and have grown over your time with me, but this shows my own personal growth too.

    What you don’t know is that at the end 0f 2009 and beginning of 2010, I was having serious doubts about my ability to lead and build teams. So I made my personal vision this year for Scott Gould to be:

    “Scott Gould, a builder of teams, not a doer of things, in 2010”

    With thanks to the Holy Spirit who is our teacher and our guide, I can say I am on the way to fulfilling this!

    Thank you again Jonny for your warm heart, generous spirit, and totally unique brand of insight. You’ve blessed me abundantly, and I look forward to working out our destinies together 🙂


  3. jskogerboe says:

    Hey guys – this was a seriously encouraging post and interaction. God bless you both. Soli Deo Gloria. 🙂

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