As good as Gould (a.k.a WHY I LOVE SCOTT GOULD)

Scott Gould describes himself as:

…A husband, pastor, speaker, thinker and do-er, and most important of all, passionate Christian. My expertise lies in Social Media and Experience Planning.

He is the founder of Exeter’s top social media consultancy Aaron+Gould, co-founder of Like Minds and is a self-styled guru of ‘Experience Planning’.  He has been instrumental in pushing the #likeminds platform on Twitter and has a fantastic blog that is making huge waves in international marketing and leadership spheres. A prolific writer and public speaker – Scott travels far and wide to bring the good news of Social Media to C-Suite skeptics across the globe. If Social Media is the new Gospel, then Scott is the Apostle Paul.

I first met Scott in 2005 when he was a newly married, socially-awkward young man doing the media production at the Riverdream Church for a student night. My next encounter with Scott occurred a few weeks later outside Tesco Metro when he curtly refused to let me compliment his wife’s face (a courtesy he is now prepared to extend to me). Our third meeting was in March 2010 at Starbucks in Exeter where we discussed the terms of me working at Aaron + Gould. Third time lucky!

For the last 2 months, I have seen first-hand the pressures and pleasures of managing a start-up company in the Social Media industry. Having seen Scott’s character, outlook and ability close-up it comes as no surprise to me that although he has only been in business for a year, A+G and #Likeminds is rapidly becoming a major player in the SM world.

Make no mistake – Scott Gould is changing the game whilst his rivals are still trying to figure out where the pitch is.

As a person, Scott is a joy to be around. As a leader, he is approachable, clear-thinking and moderately funny. Apart from his rich appreciation of The Office and Alan Partridge my favourite trait of Scott’s is his ability as a facilitator and an enabler. Scott has a keenly felt desire to help people realise their potential and become all they can in this life. When I explained to him my plans, Scott was very forthcoming with contacts and people who he thought could help me. His personal ethos of “king-making” is something I have benefited immeasurably from as I prepare to make my tentative incursions into the world of media.

Therefore, I believe my internship at Aaron+Gould has been an unqualified success – I leave equipped with a new skill-set, new contacts and a renewed vision for the future. For this, I will be eternally grateful to Scott and his staff for making my time there so worthwhile.

Thanks bro 🙂

Having got the sycophantic hero-worship out the way now, in my next post I am going to kick it strictly Leadership 101 and tell you five lessons I have learnt from Scott.  Stay tuned.


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9 Responses to As good as Gould (a.k.a WHY I LOVE SCOTT GOULD)

  1. Alex Green says:

    What a fearsomely good accolade.

    Scott is a great, genuine guy and I hope he doesn’t get too big-headed on the back of praise like this. (I doubt he will, his humility has not gone unnoticed in my dealings with him.)
    Wishing you all the best as you forge your own path in the future.
    God Bless.

    • jonathanrose says:


      Thank you for your kind words!

      One thing I forgot to mention in the post is something that Scott would readily admit himself – that he is still learning as well and he is by no means the finished product.

      I see the post more as an encouragement for him to carry on doing what he’s doing rather than make him think he’s reached the finishing line.

      If Scott ever gets big-headed I’ll lay the smack down with Phillipians 3:12 😉

      Alex man thanks for passing through – your blog looks great and really thought provoking too. Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Is one of those lessons ‘How to look good in tweed’ ?
    If so, consider me RSS’d.


    • jonathanrose says:

      I seek counsel with Gould for SM advice, not fashion advice (see seizure-inducing t-shirt he’s wearing in the above pic!)

      In other news Whatleydude – RSS me or suffer the consequences 😛

      PS Keep up the good work @ 1000Heads. You guys rule.

  3. Matt Young - Heart FM Exeter DJ says:

    That is quite simply… brilliant. Scott is a real ‘Connector & King-Maker…’ it’s time to give back to Scott and that’s exactly what Jonny has done. I have made the majority of my Exeter connections through Scott.. thank you Scott!

  4. Scott Gould says:

    Hey Jonny, et al, I’m very grateful for the kind words. Really good to have your support and know that we are building great things together!

    Mr. Whatley – as far as I’m concerned, my fashion tips come from what I glean from you 🙂

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