Ask not what the Internet can do for you…

Earlier this month, Mashable asked readers to come up with concise definitions for the term “Social Media”:

I weighed in at No.1 with a remix of JFK’s famous challenge – which effortlessly embodied the hybridic/mash-up nature of New Media by taking someone else’s work, adding next to no original input to it and then enjoying all the resultant acclaim, column inches and financial rewards!*

Now whilst this isn’t an earth-shattering achievement, I found this little episode a memorable testament and affirmation of how New Media continues to value personality and creativity over factors such as technological know-how or popularity.

Therefore, be encouraged – if you’ve got something of value to say, SAY IT. The Internet is waiting 🙂

* Admittedly, in this case, there was none.


About jonathanrose

Raconteur. Intellectual. Showerman.
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4 Responses to Ask not what the Internet can do for you…

  1. James Brooks says:

    Bro….you got a mention on MASHABLE.

    You are pro….

  2. Simon Canning says:

    Love the picture, can you print out a massive copy so i can put it on my wall?

  3. Johnny Laird says:

    Top work! You da man!

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